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Shilajit is being used since the ancient times as an antioxidant and anti aging agent, which keeps the youthful life for a longer time. Shilajit is found in the mountain rocks, oozes out of the rocks due to high temperature. Shilajit is the end product of the plants trapped in rocks, which are decomposed and preserved due to high pressure. Shilajit contains as many as 85 minerals in the form of humic acid uronic acid hip uric acid benzopyrones phenolic glycosides fulvic acid and amino acids in the ionic form. It is found in Himalayas in India in kumaon region from Arunachal Pradesh to Kashmir. The most potent shilajit is found in Himalayas. The color of the shilajit ranges from pale brown to blackish brown. The composition of shilajit depends on the species of plants involved, climatic conditions and altitude. It is to be taken in purified form and not raw state. Since hundreds of years it is being used in ayurvedic medicines to cure many ailments. In Sanskrit the word shilajit signifies it’s meaning the king of mountains and suppressor of weakness. The botanical name of shilajit is Asphaltum.

The shilajit is effective in curing many ailments. It is effective in arthritis, joint pains, Shilajitgout and back pains. Shilajit has anti-inflammatory effect as good as the action of betamethasone and glucocorticoid agents but with no side effects. Shilajit strengthens the nervous system so useful in mental, physical stress and fatigue, it is also considered to increase the intelligence and thus learning process. Shilajit is useful in ailing paralysis and hemi plegia. Shilajit helps liver to work normally as it helps liver to secrete juices and enzymes for the proper metabolism of the body. It is also blood purifier because of its anti microbial property thus helps in relieving acne problems. Shilajit is used in diabetes as it metabolizes glucose in the blood and keeps sugar levels in control. Shilajit have shown efficacy in treating the gastrointestinal disorders like spasmodic pain, gastritis, indigestion and constipation. Shilajit is useful in piles and fistula related problems. It has a dilation effect in asthma and cures it. In urinary tract infections like burning micturation and dysuria, shilajit has shown good results. It also guards the heart and keeps the blood pressure in the normal range. Shilajit is a very useful in treating obesity as it helps in scrapping the extra fat accumulated in the body thus gives a slim look. Shilajit rejuvenates the whole body boost immunity and reduces fatigue, weakness, oxidative stress and infertility. Shilajit is a powerful anti oxidant slows down the aging process and keeps the youthful life for long time.